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Alicante to Manchester

You have a selection of 5 airlines when departing Alicante El Altet to Manchester. When flying from Alicante El Altet to Manchester you will cover 1,680 Km (1,044 Miles) with the flight time at approximately 2 hours 47 minutes. The airport code for Alicante El Altet is ALC and for Manchester it is MAN.

The cost of your trip (flights) can change at weekends and at certain times of the day (if there is a choice of flights to your chosen destination. With the advent of cheap no frills flights it may be worth booking in advance if possible to get the best deal to Manchester United Kingdom, perhaps late evening or midweek. Flights to Manchester United Kingdom normally go up in price the nearer the travel date, so it would be advisable to book as early as possible.

There is a time difference of 1.0 GMT at Manchester United Kingdom, so remember to alter your watch to the correct time upon your arrival.

Below you can see a table that shows the airlines that fly from Alicante El Altet (ALC) to Manchester (MAN) and frequency of flights daily.

AirlinerMoTuWeThFrSaSuFirst FlightLast Flight
Monarch Airlines210111111:5520:20
Thomas Cook Airlines UK010001011:5011:50

Monarch Airlines offer the most direct flights from Alicante El Altet to Manchester with 1 flight a week. This flight departs 11:55 and the flight number is normally ZB 677 and ZB 683 is available for information regarding booking flights etc with Monarch Airlines.

Please see below the times of flights from Monarch Airlines. These times and frequency may vary at different times of the year please visit the website for more information.

DayFlight Times
Monday11:55 and 19:35

There may also be different routes to Manchester Monarch Airlines, by an alternative nearby airport. Please see details below.

RouteStopsDistanceFlying Time
Alicante to Luton01,511 km (939 miles)2 hours 35 minutes
Alicante to Stansted01,514 km (940 miles)2 hours 35 minutes
Alicante to Birmingham01,578 km (981 miles)2 hours 40 minutes
Alicante to Derby East Midlands01,619 km (1,006 miles)2 hours 43 minutes
Alicante to Liverpool01,683 km (1,046 miles)2 hours 47 minutes
Alicante to Doncaster Sheffield01,690 km (1,050 miles)2 hours 48 minutes
Alicante to Blackpool01,733 km (1,077 miles)2 hours 51 minutes
Alicante to Leeds01,735 km (1,078 miles)2 hours 51 minutes
Alicante to Teesside01,824 km (1,133 miles)2 hours 57 minutes
Alicante to Newcastle01,865 km (1,159 miles)3 hours
Alicante to Prestwick01,939 km (1,205 miles)3 hours 5 minutes
Alicante to Edinburgh01,975 km (1,227 miles)3 hours 8 minutes
Alicante to Glasgow01,977 km (1,228 miles)3 hours 8 minutes

Remember to have some local currency before travelling to Manchester as there may not be a bureau de change open upon your arrival.