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Alicante Airport Taxis (ALC)

Alicante Airport handles over nine million passengers per year, and is the sixth busiest airport in Spain. It is located in the Region of Murcia, only 9 km from Alicante. The majority of flights are international, although many domestic flights are in operation as well. There are two terminal buildings at the airport which are well equipped to supply the needs of all arriving and departing passengers, and currently, a third terminal is under construction to increase the airport’s potential capacity. Since this airport is a major gateway to one of Costa Blanca’s most beautiful beach and city areas, many tourists require transportation to various local and further afield destinations. Taxi and bus services are available, but there is no train station. Although taxis are generally more expensive than buses, many people prefer the convenience and privacy of a trip by taxi.

Buses are located directly outside the arrivals area. Simply exit the airport building and cross the street. Here there is a large area that is dedicated to the arrival and departure of buses and taxis. The bus stops will be on your left when exiting the airport and the taxi rank will be to your right hand side. The taxis are usually white in color, with a ‘taxi’ sign on their roof. This sign is lit up when the taxi is available. The taxi drivers may not always speak English or German, but they are very friendly and helpful, and will try to assist you as best they can. It is useful to know a few words in Spanish if you will be travelling in a taxi or bus.

Although taxi drivers are friendly, it is wise to always be cautious when using their services to avoid being overcharged, and before using a taxi, it is best to be aware of certain rules that surround the use of taxis. Unlike Italian and French taxis, Spanish taxis do not base their fares on a metered journey. Their fares are determined by a book that is carried with the driver in their taxi. This book lists the set fares to the various areas travelled. You are also entitled to see the book, and it is best to discuss the taxi fare with the driver before you leave the airport. It is not very easy to argue the price once you have arrived at your destination. There may also be extra charges which are not included in the book, such as fees for luggage loaded, charges for late night driving or driving on Sundays and bank holidays, or airport fees. The driver should also be able to tell you more about these costs, and which will be applicable to your journey. Be aware that taxis in Spain are not required by law to carry child safety seats. If you are travelling with young children, and are concerned for their comfort and safety during the trip, it may be best to hire a rented car. You will then be able to reserve a safety seat which is the correct size for your child, or children. Another option would perhaps be a private transfer to or from the Airport.

A taxi trip from Alicante Airport to Alicante Train Station will cost you between 17 and 22 Euro, while a trip to Benidorm will cost between 70 and 85 Euro. Travelling to Torrevieja will cost between 55 and 70 Euro.

In Alicante, there are four taxi companies which offer a transport service. Radio Taxi can be contacted at 965 910123, Tele Taxi at 965 101611, Area Taxi at 965 910591 and Radio Taxi in Elche can be reached by telephone at 965 4277. The Radio Taxi in Elche can also be used for handicapped individuals, and is available from Alicante Airport. It is recommended to arrange one of these taxis in advance of your arrival at the airport. Should you have any complaints about the taxi service you received, you can call any one of the following numbers: 965 934000, 965 925344 or 965 925345.

Finding a taxi in Alicante is relatively simple. Taxi ranks can be found at all the main public areas, such as at the railway or bus stations. Taxis can also be called to come and collect you from your location, or it is usually possible to hail a taxi from the street.

Taxis will only take four passengers in one trip, therefore, if you are travelling in larger groups you will need to arrange a private transfer or hire a rented car which is large enough to suit your needs. Most passengers find travelling by taxi from the airport to be quick and convenient, and do not encounter any problems with the drivers. Further information about the airport is available from the information desks within the terminals.